Sierra patch scheduled for Wednesday, Jan 8

Jan 7 update:  Since the Sierra update isn't currently an option, Innovative will be installing a patch on our system Wednesday morning, Jan 8.  The patch will be installed during open hours, but we don't expect any issues with system performance.

Unlike a regular update, this will require no new file downloads when opening Sierra, so you won't need to restart your Sierra sessions after the patch is installed.

Jan 6, 2014 Update:  The Sierrra update scheduled for Jan 7 has been postponed by Innovative.  Other libraries have been experiencing problems with this update.  We will let you know when the update is rescheduled.


A Sierra update has been scheduled for early morning, January 7.  The update should be completed before libraries are open, and will involve no downtime. 

The update is being installed to correct problems with offline circulation that occurred after the last update. 

Please note: A few libraries experienced problems during the last update with the updates installing very slowly.  To prevent this, we recommend that libraries start up no more than two Sierra sessions at a time, wait for them to update, then move on to other computers. 

If you have any questions, or experience any problems during or after the update, please contact the OWLS office.


Short Loan List broken

The short loan list (which is items that are listed as short loan that no longer have holds) emailed on Friday, December 27 was incorrect.  It included many things that should not be on the list.  The problem was caused by Create Lists in Sierra, so we've opened a call with Innovative. 

We'll send out a new list once the problem has been fixed. 


Fixes in the latest Sierra update

There were two important fixes in the Sierra update on Tuesday, Dec 9: 

  • Items in InfoSoup are once again sorting alphabetically by location
  • We can once again remove items from Sierra.
Unfortunately, there is a very large backlog of discarded items to work through, as we haven't been able to remove items since May.  There are too many items to delete all at once, so we'll be working our way through them over the next few weeks.  If your library is getting lists of deleted items, you'll notice that many of these items were set to discard months ago.  We should be finished and up to date by the end of January.

If you have questions or concerns about either of these issues, please contact OWLSnethelp.


Sierra update

Tuesday Dec 10, a Sierra update will be installed early in the morning.  The update will require no downtime and should be finished before 8:00 AM. We're hoping that this will fix a few problems we've been experiencing, and enable us to take advantage of some enhancements.

It will likely take a bit longer than usual to log into Sierra on Tuesday morning.  (If you're in early that day, please log out of Sierra after 8 AM and log back in to update the Sierra Client.)

If you have any problems with Sierra after the update, please email owlsnethelp or call the OWLS office.

OverDrive Renewals

Whoo-woo! Patrons can now renew OverDrive titles when there are no holds on the item. Please see for additional information. The renewal option will not appear until three days before the title is supposed to expire. I have not had a chance to try this out, so you now know as much as I do.

InfoSoup Proxy Errors

A few libraries have reported encountering proxy errors in InfoSoup.  The error looks like this:

Proxy Error

The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.
The proxy server could not handle the request GET/patroninfo~S77.

Reason: Error reading from remote server
We've reported this to Innovative and OWLS staff are continuing to research this.  At the moment, it looks like it's related to the Chrome browser.  We'd be interested in hearing if you or your patrons are receiving this error and whether or not it happened while using Chrome.  Until we know more, we recommend trying the search in Firefox or Microsoft Explorer if you experience this error.


Small Sierra update tonight

Here at the OWLS office, we've been having difficulty logging in to Sierra's administrative portal.  Because of this, tonight Sierra is being upgraded slightly to R 1.1.2_5 (from 1.1.2_3).  Tomorrow morning, it may take a bit longer to log in. 

We don't expect that there will be any changes in functionality, but if you experience problems after the update, please contact the OWLS office.


In Transit Too Long not working correctly

We've been working for quite some time to get the automatic In Transit Too Long status working.  Today, some items have turned up with this status, but unfortunately, most of them seem incorrect.  Many of the items have only been in transit for 2 days.  We've opened a call with Innovative to resolve the problem. 

While the display is incorrect, these items will check in correctly.  No extra steps are needed to check in the items, and the status will clear upon checkin.


AAC update - mail returned procedures

At the September AAC meeting, we agreed to slightly modify the Patron Registration Procedures for mail returned.  The Patron Registration Procedures have been updated to reflect this change, which reads:

If a mailed notice is returned, the library (who may not be the home agency) should put a mail returned manual block on the patron record and insert the following text in the first line of the address field:
If there is additional information, please put it in a note on the record with the date and your initials. The next library to check out to the patron should verify and correct the patron’s address, remove the manual block and send a patron update form to the home agency.
To make this a bit easier, a macro has been added to the Sierra logins.  To insert the mail returned text in the address field, open the patron record for editing. Position the cursor at the very beginning of the address field and choose CTRL+F2, then save the record.

OverDrive and iOS 7

I have posted a note and a link on InfoSoup for OverDrive iPad/iPhone users upgrading to iOS 7. The OverDrive blog post OverDrive Media Console iOS 7 crash resolutions offers "remedies" for users who have already upgraded. I will post any updates and resolutions as they develop.


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